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Recommended Man Friendly Online Bingo Sites

If you're the sort of the man who feels the need to pretend to be a women whilst playing online Bingo, then you're playing on the wrong sites. There's plenty of top sites where Bingo blokes can feel at home in surroundings that aren't too pink or frilly.

For your benefit, here are several online Bingo sites that a bloke can enjoy without feeling put upon by lady-like styling and overly feminine natter rooms. If you've never played Bingo online, check our online Bingo guide before you plump for a service.

The Best Of Online Bingo For Blokes

Not only do we think these sites are man friendly, they're chosen for a range of reasons that will appeal to all men, including a secure environment, great freebies and a range of interesting and good value games.

Mecca Bingo

Before there were even computers, there was Top Rank and Mecca Bingo. Then they merged and Rank disappeared, and Mecca was the biggest Bingo in the land. Their online offering is similarly big. In fact, the prize money is massive, there's loads of players. This does make it a lot harder to win, but when you do, you know it's going to be worthwhile. They swing both ways with their livery, bright blues and pinks means you can take it what ever way floats your boats. On the plus side, the first time I ever dropped in there, they were talking about football. Give Mecca Bingo a go.


Betfred Bingo

Betfred is a mainstay and long standing fixture of the average high street, his betting shops are everywhere! Did you know that old Fred also offers online bingo? No? Well he does, and we can heartily recommend you get over there and give it a go. As a bloke you'll know It's a lot easier to walk into a betting shop than it is a ladies beauty salon, so we know that, typing Betfred into your web browser will not cause you to feel even slightly embarrased or ashamed. Give BetFred Bingo a spin.


William Hill Bingo

Another of those familiar names for anyone who's travelled a busy street in the UK, Will Hill was once exclusively the place to go to be with other manly men. Now though, it's more inclusive, and there's no greater sign of that than the fact they now also offer online bingo. Once again, you won't feel even slightly emasculated by visiting William Hill's online abode, given his macho history. Once there, you can play bingo to your heart's content, free from the fear of scorn or the disapproving comments of your mates. Give William Hill Bingo a try.