Ladies - go to Bingo 4 Her!

How To Play Bingo Online

Man enough to play Bingo?If going to real Bingo halls for cheap beer, loose women and top grub isn't your cup of tea you might fancy giving the game a spin online.

Try one of our personally recommended sites - they've been tried and tested and are man friendly. When you get there, you may find things a little strange, but we'll clue you in here first.

If you're bypassing playing in the real world and going straight to an online venue, we'd still recommended you read our How To Play Bingo Guide - just so you don't get too lost.

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Be Secure, Be Sensible, Be A Bloke

If your the man in charge of the computer, we'll assume you know all about PC security and not being caught out by email scams, rogue sites and dodgy traders, etc. So we won't go into too much detail about that side here. Sign up at one of our recommended sites and you shouldn't have any problems. Read the instructions on the site, add some money to your account and let rip. It's that easy.

Get Into The Bingo Chat

As online Bingo has mainly been designed for women, you'll straight away notice that all online Bingo games have a chatroom. Don't be afraid to jump in and have a chat. It's pretty cool and they actually play even more prize games in there.

You'll notice the female players blabbering away about things like housework and relationships and shopping, pay no heed to them, as the more men get involved the more there'll be interesting talk about things like football, building PCs and amputating a leg with a penknife.

There are normally chat hosts in all the rooms who do a great line in inane chatter and are easily spotable as they are caps-locked and the only ones with red text. They can be helpful if you're a bit lost, so be nice to them.

Ask about the chatroom games and they should fill you in and sign you up if need be. The great thing about online Bingo chatrooms is they're about the only public Bingo rooms you can sit in nude or with your hand down your joggers, and not get arrested.

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Go And Get Some Beer

100 % Hot-blooded Bingo BlokeIf the chat's a little too full of twittering whinnys, the best thing about online Bingo is you don't have to be there to play. If the talk gets to much, pre-buy your tickets, get up, go to the pub, come back later and see if you won.

See, we told you Bingo was a bloke's game.

Man Friendly Places For Bingo Blokes To Hang

Now, if you're a bi-curious type of bloke, you may have seen a Bingo site called Bingo 4 Her. It's all pink and girly, and to be frank, the only way you'd get me on there is under an assumed lady name. No real Bingo Bloke would be seen dead on a site like that.

Now if when us blokes fancy a game of Bingo, we at least want to do it on a site that doesn't look like a tart's boudoir. We have recommended some online Bingo venues you can hang out at, get a good game, and not feel like you have to wear a bra and knickers just to open your browser.

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