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How To Play Bingo - Beginner's Guide

A Bingo BookWhether you fancy giving the game a try in an old fashioned Bingo hall or trying it online, this is little guide will show you the basics.

If you've never played before, at first Bingo can seem a bit complicated. Once you get the drift though, it's easier than anything. There's no offside rules or complicated scoring systems, it's just a case of mark the numbers, get the desired line, two lines or full house and shout like someone just stepped on your 'nads.

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It's Not As Complicated As It Seems

It's probably this simplicity that attracts so many females to the game, but you'll be happy to hear that there are some variations to Bingo to keep you interested - straight full houses, line only games, etc. But, whatever the variation, the essential gameplay remains the same. A number between 1 and 90 is called by the caller. If you have it, you mark it off. If you don't, you can't - if you get the required winning configuration first, shout House to win.

Bingo Books And Tickets

You play your game on a bingo book. One page is a single game, split into 6 tickets. You can choose to play 1 to 6 tickets at a time. If you play 6 tickets, you'll have all 90 numbers on your page. There are no repeat numbers on a ticket, so as long as you have a strip, you'll be marking each number called. But say you only have 3 tickets, then you'll only have half the numbers that get called.

Line, Two Lines, House! How You Win

The numbers are all in columns, so the 1st column is 1-9, the second 10-19, the third 20-29, etc. Each normal ticket has 15 numbers in 3 rows. There are 5 numbers on each row. Mark off all the numbers in a single row across the card, that's a line. Get two lines across the same card, it's two lines. In UK Bingo halls, not all games use the two lines across version - but a lot of online games do it as standard. Mark all the numbers off the single ticket, and guess what. Full house. It's not rocket science, is it?

One line

One line across

Two lines

One line across

Full house

One line across

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Don't Lose Your Prize Money

If all this exciting gameplay wasn't whetting your appetite, to really swing the balance and make Bingo truly exciting, there's an element of jeopardy which could see you lose out.

If you have a winning ticket, you must call immediately. If you don't stop the game before the next number comes out, you'll lose your money. A good loud and quick shout of 'House!' is a must. If the caller begins the next number and you haven't stopped him, it's the Bingo equivalent of an own goal and you've lost the money.

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